Lindsay Aylesworth

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New records of the Japanese seahorse Hippocampus mohnikei from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam, along with recently published studies from India and Singapore, have greatly expanded the known range of H. mohnikei within Southeast Asia. These new records reveal novel habitat preferences and threats to H. mohnikei in the region. Although the global(More)
Do fishers know best when it comes to identifying areas with rare and depleted fish species? The global conservation crisis demands that managers marshal all available datasets to inform conservation management plans for depleted species, yet the level of trust placed in local knowledge remains uncertain. This study compares four methods for inferring(More)
When dealing with species where local information on distribution and habitat preferences is insufficient or lacking (data poor), it is challenging for managers to determine effective measures for conservation. The purpose of this paper was to identify trends in habitat preference for a data-deficient seahorse species, Hippocampus reidi in northeastern(More)
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