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The effects of four levels of activity on heart rate, blood pressure, cardiac index, total peripheral resistance index (TPRI), norepinephrine (NE) spillover rate, insulin sensitivity, and levels of lipids and some hormones were studied in 12 normal subjects. The randomized periods were (1) 4 weeks of below-sedentary activity, (2) 4 weeks of sedentary(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate efficacy and safety data of currently available ocular hypotensive medicines derived from 24-hour studies, of similar design, in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG), exfoliative glaucoma, or ocular hypertension (OH). DESIGN Meta-analysis of published articles evaluating patients with POAG, exfoliative glaucoma, or OH. (More)
Forty-six patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) were studied for colonization and sensitization by Aspergillus organisms. The fungus was cultured from 21 of 37 (57%) patients who produced sputum. The non-CF sputum isolation rate was 6.5%. Sputum hyphae were seen in 95% of patients with positive cultures. Sputum eosinophilia accompanied colonization by(More)
This review aimed to compare the predictive value between the untreated reduction in intraocular pressure (IOP) from baseline or placebo measured in early phase clinical trials to phase III and IV results for glaucoma medicines. Published, placebo-controlled, randomised, parallel, single-masked or double-masked clinical trials with at least one phase II,(More)
The purpose was to evaluate faith-based studies within the medical literature to determine whether there are ways to help physicians understand how religion affects patients’ lives and diseases. We reviewed articles that assessed the influence of religious practices on medicine as a primary or secondary variable in clinical practice. This review evaluated(More)
The long-term effect of exercise on blood-pressure (BP) was assessed in 13 untreated patients with essential hypertension. After a 6-week run-in period the levels of activity studied were sedentary, 45 min bicycling at 60-70% of maximum work capacity (Wmax) three times per week (3/week), and 45 min bicycling seven times per week (7/week), each for 4 weeks.(More)