Linder C. DaSilva

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The mechanisms of autoantibody production are not well understood. Germinal centers (GC) may be important sites of immune disregulation in autoimmune diseases. In this study, we document the presence of spontaneous GC formation in the spleens of several autoimmune mouse strains that spontaneously develop autoimmune Type I diabetes and a lupus-like disease.(More)
This paper investigates how the measurement of geometrical features of structures obtained from ballistic deposition of objects with complex shapes, particularly neuronal cells, can be used for characterization and analysis of the shapes involved. The experiments were performed on both synthetic (prototypes) and natural shapes. Two measurements were(More)
In a recent article, published in Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, a valuable consensus view regarding the nomenclature for disordered proteins was presented.1 In this work the authors present a thoughtful and systemic review of terms that have been used in the literature to describe proteins that sample a heterogeneous set of structures during their(More)
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