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Enterotoxaemia is a disease with a high associated mortality rate, affecting beef and veal calves worldwide, caused by C. perfringens alpha toxin and perfringolysin. A longitudinal study was conducted to determine the dynamics of antibodies against these toxins in 528 calves on 4 beef and 15 veal farms. The second study aimed to determine the effect of(More)
Mycoplasma bovis is a highly contagious bacterium, which predominantly causes chronic pneumonia, otitis and arthritis in calves and mastitis in adult cattle. In humans, Mycoplasma species have been associated with post-surgical infections. The present study aimed to identify the bacteria associated with three outbreaks of infected seromas after caesarian(More)
Mycoplasma bovis is an important cause of mastitis in dairy cattle, and pneumonia, arthritis, and otitis in calves. Milk and colostrum are considered important sources of infection for calves. knowledge on the effect of on-farm freezing (-18°C) and thawing methods on the recovery of M. bovis from colostrum samples is missing. In this study, 2 separate(More)
BACKGROUND Nonendoscopic bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) is a practical alternative for a deep nasopharyngeal swab (DNS) to sample the airways of a large number of calves in a short period of time. The extent of commensal overgrowth and agreement of BAL with DNS culture results in preweaned calves are unknown. OBJECTIVES To compare commensal overgrowth and(More)
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