Linda van Norden

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For the NP-hard problem of scheduling n jobs in a two-machine flow shop so as to minimize the total completion time, we present two equivalent lower bounds that are computable in polynomial time. We formulate the problem by the use of positional completion time variables, which results in two integer linear programming formulations with O(n2) variables and(More)
We investigate the Semidefinite Programming based Sums of squares (SOS) decomposition method, designed for global optimization of polynomials, in the context of the (Maximum) Satisfiability problem. To be specific, we examine the potential of this theory for providing tests for unsatisfiability and providing MAX-SAT upper bounds. We compare the SOS approach(More)
An enhanced concept of sub-optimal reverse Horn fraction of a CNF-formula was introduced in [18]. It was shown that this fraction is very useful in effectively (almost) separating 3-colorable random graphs with fixed node-edge density from the non-3-colorable ones. A correlation between this enhanced sub-optimal reverse Horn fraction and satisfiability of(More)
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