Linda Wilson

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UNLABELLED Comfort management is a priority for patients in all settings. Comfort theory provides a foundational and holistic approach to comfort management. This article reviews comfort theory and presents the application of comfort theory in the perianesthesia setting. OBJECTIVES -Based on the content of the following article, the reader will be able to(More)
The Theory of Comfort and its application to the specialty of perianesthesia nursing are presented in this article. Comfort Theory is relevant to this specialty because patient comfort is cited as a goal in its standards of care and is an established value for many nurses in their perianesthesia practice. The technical definition of comfort, developed from(More)
The excessive rate of patients arriving at accident and emergency centres is a major problem facing South African hospitals. Patients are prioritized for medical care through a triage process. Manual systems allow for inconsistency and error. This paper proposes a novel system to automate accident and emergency centre triage and uses this triage score along(More)
UNLABELLED The World Health Organization records that indigenous peoples throughout the world experience poor health. The concept of health was explored from a Māori world view and compared with occupational therapy perspectives. The aim was to understand and value indigenous knowledge and promote culturally safe responsive practice. Māori methodologies(More)