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This article reports 4 experiments concerning the effect of repetition on rated truth (the illusory-truth effect). Statements were paired with differentially credible sources (true vs. false). Old trues would be rated true on 2 bases, source recollection and statement familiarity. Oldfalses, however, would be rated false if sources were recollected, leaving(More)
Occupational exposures to ionising radiation mainly occur at low-dose rates and may accumulate effective doses of up to several hundred milligray. The objective of the present study is to evaluate the evidence of cancer risks from such low-dose-rate, moderate-dose (LDRMD) exposures. Our literature search for primary epidemiological studies on cancer(More)
Data from the German miners' cohort study were analysed to investigate whether radon in ambient air causes cancers other than lung cancer. The cohort includes 58,987 men who were employed for at least 6 months from 1946 to 1989 at the former Wismut uranium mining company in Eastern Germany. A total of 20,684 deaths were observed in the follow-up period from(More)
The non-cancer mortality data for cerebrovascular disease (CVD) and cardiovascular diseases from Report 13 on the atomic bomb survivors published by the Radiation Effects Research Foundation were analysed to investigate the dose-response for the influence of radiation on these detrimental health effects. Various parametric and categorical models (such as(More)
A recent analysis of leukaemia mortality in Japanese A-bomb survivors has applied descriptive models, collected together from previous studies, to derive a joint excess relative risk estimate (ERR) by multi-model inference (MMI) (Walsh and Kaiser in Radiat Environ Biophys 50:21-35, 2011). The models use a linear-quadratic dose response with differing dose(More)
  • Marga Gomez, Tina Landau, Anne Bogart, Charlotte Canning, Helen Krich Chinoy, Linda Walsh +1 other
  • 2012
Course Description: This course addresses the history and theory, practices and polemics of women working in American theatre and performance. Materials will concentrate on contemporary examples, but will also consider theatre's role in the struggle for women's visibility advanced by American feminism of the 1960s and '70s. We'll study women playwrights,(More)
OBJECTIVE A recent study and comprehensive literature review has indicated that mining could be protective against prostate cancer. This indication has been explored further here by analysing prostate cancer mortality in the German 'Wismut' uranium miner cohort, which has detailed information on the number of days worked underground. DESIGN An historical(More)
BACKGROUND In 1996 and 2009, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classified silica as carcinogenic to humans. The exposure-response relationship between silica and lung cancer risk, however, is still debated. Data from the German uranium miner cohort study were used to further investigate this relationship. METHODS The cohort includes 58677(More)
The original publication of this paper contained some errors. The correct details are given below. In Table 1, line 1, the ICD-9 numbers for CVD were printed incorrectly. It should correctly read ''CVD (ICD-9 430-438)''. In Table 1, line 8, related to cardiovascular diseases excluding CVD it is stated incorrectly that an ERR-quadratic model was used. It(More)
<i>Sound Stream</i> is a work for oboe and interactive system which blurs the boundaries between instrumental performance, gestural interaction and dance. Largely improvised within a predetermined high-level structure, the work explores the relationships between acoustic sounds, instrumental gestures and expressive gestures and between sound and image. The(More)