Linda Walsh

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A recent analysis of leukaemia mortality in Japanese A-bomb survivors has applied descriptive models, collected together from previous studies, to derive a joint excess relative risk estimate (ERR) by multi-model inference (MMI) (Walsh and Kaiser in Radiat Environ Biophys 50:21-35, 2011). The models use a linear-quadratic dose response with differing dose(More)
  • Linda Walsh, Florian Dufey, Annemarie Tschense, Maria Schnelzer, Marion Sogl, Michaela Kreuzer
  • 2012
OBJECTIVE A recent study and comprehensive literature review has indicated that mining could be protective against prostate cancer. This indication has been explored further here by analysing prostate cancer mortality in the German 'Wismut' uranium miner cohort, which has detailed information on the number of days worked underground. DESIGN An historical(More)
<i>Sound Stream</i> is a work for oboe and interactive system which blurs the boundaries between instrumental performance, gestural interaction and dance. Largely improvised within a predetermined high-level structure, the work explores the relationships between acoustic sounds, instrumental gestures and expressive gestures and between sound and image. The(More)
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