Linda Varcoe

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Hcp is a 28-kDa secreted protein of Vibrio cholerae regulated coordinately with the hemolysin, HlyA. Both proteins show a dependence on HlyU for expression, suggesting that Hcp may be secreted by V. cholerae in vivo. We have identified and sequenced two genes for Hcp, designated hcpA and hcpB (hemolysin-coregulated protein). The genes encode identical amino(More)
To gain further insight into angiogenesis we sought to clone genes which are actively expressed during this complex process. Using the Matrigel-induced in vitro model we were able to show that although several cell-types form reticular arrays of cells on the gels (align), only endothelial cells were able to go on and form the capillary-like structures(More)
Disordered eating is common among adolescent females. Clinical eating disorders are associated with high rates of depression and anxiety in adulthood. However, the extent to which this is the case for subthreshold disordered eating remains unclear, and raises issues for early detection and intervention, prognosis and treatment planning. The current study(More)
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