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Equipping engineering students with the skills and knowledge required to be successful global engineers in the 21 century is one of the primary objectives of undergraduate educators. Enabling students to practice self-directed learning, to find solutions to design problems that are sustainable and to recognize that they are part of a global community are(More)
Self-directed learning is a key competency in life-long learning, an outcome often cited for engineering education, and is dependent on students’ motivation, metacognition, and self-regulation with regards to a learning task. Few studies have addressed the aspects of engineering learning environments that promote the development of self-directed learning(More)
Against a backdrop of compelling societal needs, graduates in science and engineering now must master their disciplines and demonstrate a sophisticated level of cognitive, affective and social development. This has lead a number of national and international commissions on science and engineering to urge educators to re-think the way in which STEM(More)
The challenges of the 21st century create an imperative for engineering educators: to design learning experiences that result in engineering professionals with a sophisticated level of cognitive, psychomotor, social and affective development. We propose a tool for the design process. Our systemic model of development (SMD) is based on a large body of(More)
Social responsibility is at the heart of the Engineer's Creed embodied in the pledge that we will dedicate [our] professional knowledge and skill to the advancement and betterment of human welfare... [placing] public welfare above all other considerations. However, half century after the original creed was written, we find ourselves in a world with great(More)
In this article we describe the challenges of transdisciplinary teamwork involving four faculty members from dissimilar epistemological traditions in the process of developing a manuscript on the lessons learned in our teaching collaboration. Our difficulty originated in implicit mental models and assumptions that caused incongruence between our intent to(More)
Since this project is a result of a class assignment, it has been graded and accepted as fulfillment of the course requirements. Acceptance does not imply technical accuracy or reliability. Any use of the information in this report, including numerical data, is done at the risk of the user. These risks may include catastrophic failure of the device or(More)
A scientific paper can be considered a journey into the logic and mind of the scientist who performed the experiment. This paper, a little unconventional, is written as a reflection of how the author organizes and thinks through his topic. In the telling of it this way, he hopes the journey is as compelling for the reader as it was for him. When porous(More)