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There is little agreement among published reports of the radioimmunoassayable thyroid hormone content of breast milk, likely due to wide variations in methodology applied. In order to achieve a higher degree of specificity in the determination of T3 and T4 concentrations in breast milk, samples were ethanol-extracted and then chromatographed on an LH-20(More)
Suckling rat liver N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase (hexosaminidase) activity undergoes considerable fluctuation during the first two weeks of life. As two major forms of hexosaminidase (A, heat-labile, and B, heat-stable) are known to exist in both human and adult rat liver, we choose to examine the effect of the maturative hormones, thyroxine and cortisone,(More)
To examine the joint effects of lactation and dietary restriction on thyroid function, we studied chronically food-restricted rat dams at conception and dams and their pups during the nursing period compared with controls that had free access to food. As expected, both dietary restriction [plasma thyroxine and 3,3',5-triiodothyronine (T3) values were lower(More)
Serum levels of N-acetyl-beta-hexosaminidase (HEX) (EC activity in infants display a sexual dimorphism. Total HEX activity in males between 1 and 3 months of age is significantly elevated over female levels (male (M), 1535 +/- 300 nmol/60 min/ml; female (F), 1150 +/- 203, P < 0.0005), and the A (labile) isozyme constitutes a significantly lower(More)
To assess the effect of breast feeding on circulating thyroid hormone levels in the suckling neonate, we examined serum concentrations of T4, T3, and rT3 by RIA in 12- and 15-day-old rat pups fasted for 3 or 6 h before, at, and hourly for 3 or 4 h after suckling. In both age groups, serum T4 levels decreased significantly in response to the 6-h fast; no(More)
Serum from 28 hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, and euthyroid pre- or early puberty females was examined for N-acetyl-beta-glucosaminidase (HEX) activity. Total, isoenzyme A (labile), and isoenzyme B (stable) levels were determined for this enzyme. A high degree of correlation (r = 0.76; p less than 0.001) exists between total hexosaminidase activity and thyroid(More)