Linda Thomas

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A theoretical basis is required for comparing key features and critical elements in wild fisheries and aquaculture supply chains under a changing climate. Here we develop a new quantitative metric that is analogous to indices used to analyse food-webs and identify key species. The Supply Chain Index (SCI) identifies critical elements as those elements with(More)
M anaging lawyers is like herding cats. " It turns out that the old saying is based on fact. I've been studying the personality traits of lawyers for the past twenty years, and have measured dozens of traits among thousands of lawyers. Research confirms that not only are lawyers highly autonomous, but they share quite a number of personality traits that(More)
From July 1999 to November 2001, Mycoplasma sp. was cultured from lesions in 16 California sea lions (Zalophus californianus) undergoing rehabilitation. The Mycoplasma sp. was the likely cause of death of four animals in which it was associated with either pneumonia or polyarthritis. The most common lesion associated with this bacterium was subdermal(More)
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