Linda Thomas

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A theoretical basis is required for comparing key features and critical elements in wild fisheries and aquaculture supply chains under a changing climate. Here we develop a new quantitative metric that is analogous to indices used to analyse food-webs and identify key species. The Supply Chain Index (SCI) identifies critical elements as those elements with(More)
Significant research efforts are underway to investigate the application of Free-Space Optics (FSO) for the provision of high-bandwidth communications links between mobile platforms. The use of FSO between mobile platforms introduces several interesting challenges in addition to those found in traditional fixed link FSO systems. In this paper, some of the(More)
This work is copyright, administered through CSIRO and the National Oceans Office. It may be reproduced in whole or in part for study, research or training purposes, subject to the inclusion of an acknowlegement of the source and that no commercial usage or sale results. Reproduction for purposes other than those listed above requires written permission(More)
Bucrylate was injected directly into the cerebral cortical arteries of mongrel dogs. Preparations for light and electron microscopy were obtained from 5 min to 5 months after the introduction of the polymer. A mixed pattern of damage to arterial endothelium was seen, including electron microscopic documentation of stripping away of the endothelium. Acute(More)
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