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This paper describes two NSF-funded collaborations among faculty members in the Computer Science, Art, Music, and English departments at a public university in the Northeast USA. Our goal has been to create undergraduate learning opportunities across the university, focusing on connecting computer science to creative and expressive domains. In past(More)
BACKGROUND The Parental Bonding Instrument (PBI) is a widely used measure of parenting, and is usually used to measure two parenting dimensions, care and over-protection. However, there is disagreement in the research literature about whether the PBI is best used as a two-factor or a three-factor measure. METHOD PBI scores from 583 US and 236 UK students(More)
The paper describes the formation and the progress of the Artbotics collaboration between disciplines in art and computer science. Its focus is on the pedagogy and issues of interdisciplinary undergraduate course development, particularly how to define and maintain the balance between Art and Science education.
The Artbotics program is a collaboration between artists and computer scientists which uses robotics technologies to teach computer science to undergraduates and high school students. Project-based courses culminate in public exhibitions at a local museum. This paper describes the curriculum developed for the course, the technology used and lessons learned.
Sustainability science seeks to identify and implement workable solutions to complex problems. This transdisciplinary approach advances a commitment to work across boundaries that occur among individuals, disciplines, and institutions to build capacities for informed and innovative decision making in the face of uncertainty and change. The concept of(More)
Building successful, enduring research partnerships is essential for improving links between knowledge and action to address sustainability challenges. Communication research can play a critical role in fostering more effective research partnerships, especially those concerned with knowledge co-production processes. This article focuses on(More)
Although people agree that education is a crucial ingredient in the mix of factors that will improve Maine's economic prospects, we often come at the problem from different angles and develop different methods to improve educational outcomes. In this article, Chris Rector assert that progress in securing a bright future for Maine requires working together(More)