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The objective of the present investigation was to examine the functional reestablishment of polarity in freshly isolated hepatocytes cultured between 2 layers of gelled collagen (sandwich configuration). Immunoblot analysis demonstrated that the canalicular multispecific organic anion transport protein (multidrug resistance-associated protein, Mrp2) was(More)
Efavirenz (Sustiva, Fig. 1) is a potent and specific inhibitor of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase approved for the treatment of HIV infection. To examine the potential differences in the metabolism among species, liquid chromatography/mass spectrometry profiles of efavirenz metabolites in urine of rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, cynomolgus monkeys, and humans were(More)
Efavirenz (Sustiva) is a potent and specific inhibitor of the HIV-1 reverse transcriptase and is approved for the treatment of HIV infection. The metabolism of efavirenz in different species has been described previously. Efavirenz is primarily metabolized in rats to the glucuronide conjugate of 8-OH efavirenz. Electrospray ionization-liquid(More)
Aflatoxin-serum albumin adducts in the blood of 42 residents of Guangxi Province, People's Republic of China, were determined and compared with intake of aflatoxin B1 (AFB1) and excretion of aflatoxin M1 (AFM1) in urine. Blood specimens were obtained during the same period that urine was collected and that diet was sampled. Serum albumin was isolated from(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to characterize taurocholate uptake properties in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes maintained under different matrix conditions. METHODS Hepatocytes isolated from male Wistar rats (230-280 g) were cultured on a simple collagen film, on a substratum of gelled collagen or between two layers of gelled collagen (sandwich(More)
Transport of cyclosporin A (CsA) across Caco-2 cells is modulated by its directional efflux, mediated by a p-glycoprotein-like pump (Augustijns et al., Biochem. Biophys. Res. Comm. 197:360-365, 1994). In addition to this unidirectional flux, oxidative metabolism of CsA by cytochrome P450 is likely to influence the absorption of this cyclic peptide across(More)
We have investigated the transport of ranitidine and ondansetron across the Caco-2 cell monolayers. The apparent permeability co-efficients (Papp) were unchanged throughout the concentration range studied, indicating a passive diffusion pathway across intestinal mucosa. No metabolism was observed for ranitidine and ondansetron during the incubation with(More)
Whole-genome sequencing across multiple samples in a population provides an unprecedented opportunity for comprehensively characterizing the polymorphic variants in the population. Although the 1000 Genomes Project (1KGP) has offered brief insights into the value of population-level sequencing, the low coverage has compromised the ability to confidently(More)
The characteristics of cyclosporin A (CsA) transport across Caco-2 monolayers were investigated. CsA (0.25-5.0 microM) was transported in a time and concentration dependent manner. The total amount of apical (AP) to basolateral (BL) transport was non-linearly related to CsA concentration from 0.25 to 1 microM and was linear from about 1 to 5 microM. Average(More)
The postulated formation of oxirene-derived metabolites from rats treated with a disubstituted alkyne, (S)-6-chloro-4-(cyclopropylethynyl)-4-(trifluoromethyl)-3, 4-dihydro-2(1H)-quinazolinone (DPC 961), is described. The reactivity of this postulated oxirene intermediate led to the formation of novel glutathione adducts whose structures were confirmed by(More)