Linda Semeraro

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Identification of adult fruit flies primarily involves microscopic examination of diagnostic morphological characters, while immature stages, such as larvae, can be more problematic. One of the Australia's most serious horticultural pests, the Queensland Fruit Fly (Bactrocera tryoni: Tephritidae), is of particular biosecurity/quarantine concern as the(More)
In general population about 15-20% of subjects have suffered from one episode of urticaria-angioedema syndrome in their life. The etiology of his condition is various and multifactorial. In children the principal cause of acute urticaria is infection, while physical factors are the main agents of chronic urticaria. All those conditions which lack an(More)
Understanding the relationship between incursions of insect pests and established populations is critical to implementing effective control. Studies of genetic variation can provide powerful tools to examine potential invasion pathways and longevity of individual pest outbreaks. The major fruit fly pest in eastern Australia, Queensland fruit fly Bactrocera(More)
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