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This paper analyses seizure detection features and their combinations using a probability-based scalp EEG seizure detection framework developed by Marc Saab and Jean Gotman. Our method was evaluated on 525 h of data, including 88 seizures in 21 patients. The individual performances of the three features used by Saab and Gotman were compared to six(More)
This paper evaluates the patient-specific seizure prediction performance of pre-ictal changes in bivariate-synchrony between pairs of intracranial electroencephalographic (iEEG) signals within 15min of a seizure in patients with pharmacoresistant focal epilepsy. Prediction horizons under 15min reduce the durations of warning times and should provide(More)
INTRODUCTION Cerebellar ataxia with neuropathy and bilateral vestibular areflexia syndrome (CANVAS) is a recently described multisystem ataxia defined by the presence of cerebellar ataxia, bilateral vestibulopathy, and a somatosensory deficit. The characteristic clinical sign is an abnormal visually enhanced vestibuloocular reflex. The somatosensory deficit(More)
The presence and digestive capabilities of bacteria associated with the digestive systems and habitats of two saltmarsh-burrowing detritivore thalassinid prawns (Upogebia africana andCallianassa kraussi) was examined.U. africana is a filter-feeding prawn inhabiting muddy deposits, whereasC. kraussi, a deposit feeder, inhabits coarser more sandy deposits.(More)
Dredging and associated screening at a dredge site in the southern North Sea (Area 408) is associated with areas of well-sorted fine sand that extend for up to 3 km to the south-east of the dredged area and overlay sediments with a more variable particle size composition. This well-sorted fine sand may reflect deposition and transport of material mobilised(More)
OBJECTIVE Routine electrophysiological testing is often normal in the evaluation of painful diabetic neuropathy, as it is unable to detect dysfunction of thinly myelinated (Aδ) and unmyelinated (C) small fibers. Although cutaneous silent periods (CSP) and quantitative sudomotor axon reflex testing (QSART) respectively evaluate these fiber types in the(More)
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