Linda Salchenberger

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A neural network model that processes financial input data is developed to estimate the market price of options at closing. The network's ability to estimate closing prices is compared to the Black-Scholes model, the most widely used model for the pricing of options. Comparisons reveal that the mean squared error for the neural network is less than that of(More)
The implied volatility, calculated using the Black-Scholes model, is currently the most popular method of estimating volatility and is considered by traders to be a significant factor in signalling price movements in the underlying market. Thus, the ability to develop accurate forecasts of future volatility allows a trader to establish the proper strategic(More)
RATIONALE AND OBJECTIVES The authors evaluated the use of sonographic findings combined with artificial neural networks as an aid to the diagnosis of breast implant rupture. MATERIALS AND METHODS From a database of 78 breast implants that were evaluated prospectively with sonography and then surgically removed, sonographic findings and surgical results(More)
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