Linda S. Moonen

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In this note we study the complexity of the tool switching problem with non-uniform tool sizes. More specifically, we consider the problem where the job sequence is given as part of the input. We show that the resulting tooling problem is strongly NP-complete, even in case of unit loading and unloading costs. However, we show that if the capacity of the(More)
Classical measures of network connectivity are the number of disjoint paths between a pair of nodes, and the size of a minimum cut. For standard graphs, these measures can be computed efficiently using network flow techniques. However, in the Internet on the level of Autonomous Systems (ASs), referred to as AS-level Internet, routing policies impose(More)
There is evidence that patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) are not being anticoagulated according to the published guidelines. Difficulty in identifying such patients may partly explain this. In this study, we examined the yield of different methods for detecting people with AF in a single general practice: hospital discharge letters, referrals to(More)
The problem of partitioning a partially ordered set into a minimum number of chains is a well-known problem. In this paper we study a generalization of this problem, where we not only assume that the chains have bounded size, but also that a weight wi is given for each element i in the partial order such that wi ≤ wj if i ≺ j. The problem is then to(More)
The topology of the Internet has initially been modelled as an undirected graph, where vertices correspond to so-called Autonomous Systems (ASs), and edges correspond to physical links between pairs of ASs. However, in order to capture the impact of routing policies, it has recently become apparent that one needs to classify the edges according to the(More)
Happiness and life satisfaction have traditionally been measured using verbal response scales, however, these verbal scales have not kept up with the present trend to use numerical response scales. A switch from a verbal scale to a numerical scale, however, causes a severe problem for trend analyses, due to the incomparability of the old and new(More)
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