Linda S Meyer

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One component of the safety assessment of agricultural products produced through biotechnology is evaluation of the safety of newly expressed proteins. The ILSI International Food Biotechnology Committee has developed a scientifically based two-tiered, weight-of-evidence strategy to assess the safety of novel proteins used in the context of agricultural(More)
New crop varieties containing traits such as enhanced nutritional profiles, increased yield, and tolerance to drought are being developed. In some cases, these new traits are dependent on small RNAs or regulatory proteins such as transcription factors (TF) that modify the expression of endogenous plant genes. To date, the food and feed safety of genetically(More)
Insertion and deletion mutants were used to characterize a genomic region of Rhizobium japonicum where the nitrogenase structural genes are located on two separate operons nifDK and nifH. In addition to previously described nifD:: Tn5 and nifK:: Tn5 mutations we have now generated, by localized mutagenesis, further Tn5 insertion mutations in the vicinity of(More)
Somatic hypermutation and class-switch recombination in germinal centers critically depend on activation-induced cytidine deaminase (AID). Deregulation of AID may lead to the aberrant activation or persistence of both genetic processes, thus contributing to the pathogenesis of B-cell lymphomas by mistargeted mutagenesis or recombination. The Epstein-Barr(More)
This study examined the antecedents and determinants predictive of whether nursing students (N = 92) intend to ask for assignments to perform nursing behaviors after using a database to record essential clinical behaviors. The results of applying the theory of planned behavior (TPB) to behavioral intention using multivariant path analysis suggested that the(More)
Traditionally, the durability of timber is determined in laboratory decay tests or ground contact field tests. Since it is commonly accepted that results from those tests are not directly transferable to less severe above-ground exposures, this study aimed at assessing alternative durability measures related to the moisture performance of wood. Results from(More)
A primary focus in nursing education is to provide students with a diverse range of clinical experiences. Historically, the collection and assessment of data from students' clinical experiences have been paper-and-pencil tasks that are arduous for both students and nursing faculty. The volume of collected information also has made it difficult to produce ad(More)
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