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A fetuin-binding peptide with a molecular mass of about 9kDa (designated NTP) was isolated and purified from the bulbs of Chinese daffodil, Narcissus tazetta var. chinensis L., by gel filtration and high-performance liquid chromatography, after removing the mannose-binding proteins by mannose-agarose column. Molecular cloning revealed that NTP contained an(More)
Two proteins were isolated from the saline extract of mature leaves of Pandanus amaryllifolius, using affinity chromatography on fetuin-agarose and Affi-gel Blue gel, anion exchange chromatography as well as gel filtration. The proteins were demonstrated as non-glycoproteins, with molecular mass of 18 and 13 kDa, respectively, comprising of peptide subunits(More)
Recently several complete cDNAs encoding the Narcissus tazetta lectins (NTL) were cloned. The sequence analyses of the cloned DNAs reveal that there are at least three unidentical positive clones for NTLs. The primary structure of the three NTL clones contains a mature polypeptide consisting of 105 amino acids and a C-terminal peptide extension beyond the(More)
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