Linda Romundstad

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Mammographic density (MD), as assessed from film screen mammograms, is determined by the relative content of adipose, connective and epithelial tissue in the female breast. In epidemiological studies, a high percentage of MD confers a four to six fold risk elevation of developing breast cancer, even after adjustment for other known breast cancer risk(More)
Increased understanding of the variability in normal breast biology will enable us to identify mechanisms of breast cancer initiation and the origin of different subtypes, and to better predict breast cancer risk. Gene expression patterns in breast biopsies from 79 healthy women referred to breast diagnostic centers in Norway were explored by unsupervised(More)
Vilde D Haakensen ( Ole Christian Lingjærde ( Torben Lüders ( Margit Riis ( Aleix Prat ( Melissa A Troester ( Marit M Holmen ( Jan Ole Frantzen(More)
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