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Seventy consecutive patients undergoing dacryocystorhinostomy for chronic dacryocystitis or dacryostenosis were analyzed. Lacrimal sac stones were found in 11 patients for an incidence of 16%. All stones were studied histopathologically and six of these stones demonstrated morphological characteristics compatible with fungus. Two stones were cultured and(More)
Recent findings indicate that nearly 50% of black American women are obese and that adolescence is a critical period for the development of their obesity. This study investigated the efficacy of a behavioral weight control program in 36 black female adolescents with a mean age of 14.0 years, weight of 95.0 kg, and height of 163.2 cm. All subjects(More)
Patients with the diagnosis of high accommodative convergence/accommodation (AC/A) ratio, accommodative esotropia traditionally have been fit with bifocal spectacles. For cosmetic reasons, however, many patients prefer non-spectacle correction. Orthoptics, miotics, contact lenses, and surgery have been used as alternatives. We describe the treatment of(More)
Congenital orbital teratoma is a rare tumor that usually presents with unilateral proptosis in a normal full term infant. These tumors are usually confined to the orbit without extension into the intracranial cavity. A few cases with intracranial extension have been reported. We have developed a combined ophthalmological, otolaryngological and neurosurgical(More)
When retinal disparity exceeds the limits for fusion, the resulting images are perceived as diplopic. In a stereo test that allowed comparison of crossed and uncrossed disparity sensitivities, 74% of the subjects perceived convergent disparities more readily than divergent disparities. This asymmetric sensitivity to disparity did not appear to be related to(More)
In early 2010, library staff at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in Ohio designed and conducted a usability study of key parts of the library web site, focusing on the web pages generated by the library's electronic resources management system (ERM) that list and describe the library's databases. The goal was to discover how users find and choose(More)
PURPOSE Although several reports of supernumerary orbital muscles related to the levator palpebrae superioris have been published, no case has been associated with congenital eyelid retraction. This report describes an apparent causal relationship between an accessory levator muscle slip and congenital eyelid retraction. METHODS Case report and literature(More)
The renal handling of c/s-diamminedichloroplatinum (CP) was investigated by measuring the renal clearance of creatinine, inulin, and free platinum in ten cancer patients. Free platinum clearances exceeded the glomerular filtration rate in all time periods. For example, at 1 to 2 hr, the mean clearance of free platinum was 224 ± 32 (S.E.) ml/min compared to(More)
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