Linda R. Van Dillen

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A urogynecologist’s examination typically includes assessment of the abdominal musculature, including the determination of whether a diastasis recti abdominis (DRA) is present. The purposes of the current study were to examine the (1) prevalence of DRA in a urogynecological population, (2) differences in select characteristics of patients with and without(More)
BACKGROUND Diagnoses and treatments based on movement system impairment syndromes were developed to guide physical therapy treatment. OBJECTIVES This masterclass aims to describe the concepts on that are the basis of the syndromes and treatment and to provide the current research on movement system impairment syndromes. RESULTS The conceptual basis of(More)
somatosensory cortex in chronic low back pain – a 1H-MRS study. Abstract: The goal of this study was to investigate whether certain metabolites, specific to neurons, glial cells, and the neuronal-glial neurotransmission system, in the primary somatosensory cortex (SSC), are altered and correlated with clinical characteristics of pain in patients with(More)
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