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Shifting precipitation patterns brought on by climate change threaten to alter the future distribution of wetlands. We developed a set of models to understand the role climate plays in determining wetland formation on a landscape scale and to forecast changes in wetland distribution for the Midwestern United States. These models combined 35 climate(More)
The impact of the current nursing shortage on the health care system is receiving attention by both state and federal governments. This study, using a convenience sample of 243 oncology/haematology nurses working in 11 Queensland health care facilities, explored factors that influence the quality of nurses' working lives. Although nurses reported high(More)
The learning experiences of student nurses undertaking clinical placement are reported widely, however little is known about the learning experiences of health professionals undertaking continuing professional development (CPD) in a clinical setting, especially in palliative care. The aim of this study, which was conducted as part of the national evaluation(More)
Nursing research is an integral component of improving the care of people with cancer; however, the literature suggests that many organizational, resource, and attitudinal barriers to research remain. The aim of the present study was to systematically describe the research experience, attitudes, and opinions of nurses in Queensland, Australia, about(More)
technical support provided by Jue Hu are also appreciated. Abstract Data on tree location and species in a portion of Northern Michigan were gathered from General Land Office (GLO) survey notes (ca. 1850), digitized, and generalized to represent forest types. Fuzzy membership values describing the degree of membership of each species in each forest type(More)
The aim of this project was to develop clinical practice guidelines for the use and administration of pharmacological agents for symptom control via syringe drivers within Australia. By developing evidence-based clinical practice guidelines for the use of this common device, this project aimed to improve patient outcomes, reduce practice variation, minimize(More)
Sodium intake is increased by social stress and the Y chromosome and reduced by clonidine.—The objectives were to determine 1) if female rats have higher Na intake than males and if social stress increases Na intake, 2) if the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) mediates the stress effects and the gender effect, and 3) if the Y chromosome (Yc) from a(More)
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