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These studies were designed to test if a binary vector containing the gfp, bar and oxalate oxidase genes could transform American chestnut somatic embryos; to see if a desiccation treatment during co-cultivation would affect the transformation frequency of different American chestnut somatic embryo clones; to explore the effects of more rapid desiccation;(More)
The key to successful transformation of American chestnut is having the correct combination of explant tissue, selectable and scorable markers, and a reliable regeneration system. Rapidly dividing somatic embryos, growing as proembryogenic masses, are a suitable tissue; the bar gene is a suitable selectable marker in conjunction with 1.0 to 10 mg/L(More)
This paper examines the evolution of pedagogy in an online graduate program developed from a social constructivist perspective. One professor’s first year of teaching was explored through an end-of-year interview, as well as an analysis of newsgroup threads from fall and spring courses. The analyses suggest that this professor gave over more control of(More)
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