Linda Pickle

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Geographic Visualization, sometimes called cartographic visu-alization, is a form of information visualization in which principles from cartography, geographic information systems (GIS), Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), and information visual-ization more generally are integrated in the development and assessment of visual methods that facilitate the(More)
An implementation of an interactive parallel coordinate plot linked with the ArcView ® geographic information system (GIS) is presented. The integrated geographic visualization system was created for the exploratory analysis of mortality data from specific cancers as they relate, specifically spatially, to other mortality causes and to demographic and(More)
Extended Abstract: This paper describes two recently developed templates for displaying geospatially-indexed estimates: linked micromap (LM) plots and conditioned choropleth (CC) maps. Two common goals in developing these templates were to integrate more statistical information in a display than a traditional choropleth map and to provide for more rapid(More)
Federal government agencies generate, summarize, and disseminate a large and growing volume of statistical data that can be linked through common geospatial referencing. The potential of this data is often unrealized because agencies and their data users lack usable and useful data analysis tools that support multivariate geospatial data exploration and(More)
The National Cancer Institute's State Cancer Profiles web site that was launched in mid-April put the power of new graphical tools into the hands of cancer control planners and the public. This paper emphasizes advances in two graphics templates, one heavily used in the web site and one planned for future use. These templates for showing(More)
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