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ÐConsider a hypercube of 2 points described by n Boolean variables and a subcube of 2 points, m n. As is well-known, the Boolean function with value 1 in the points of the subcube can be expressed as the product (AND) of nÿm variables. The standard synthesis of arbitrary functions exploits this property. We extend the concept of subcube to the more powerful(More)
Let G be a simple connected graph where every node is colored either black or white. Consider now the following repetitive process on G: each node recolors itself, at each local time step, with the color held by the majority of its neighbors. Depending on the initial assignment of colors to the nodes and on the de4nition of majority, di5erent dynamics can(More)
We discuss the design of sequential and parallel algorithms working on a time-increasing data set, within two paradigms of computation. In Paradigm 1 the process terminates when all the data currently arrived have been treated, independently of future arrivals. In Paradigm 2 an endless process is divided in stages, and in each stage the computation is(More)
We introduce a new sequential model of computation, called the Logarithmic Pipelined Model (LPM), in which a RAM processor of fixed size has pipelined access to a memory ofm cells in time logm. Our motivation is that the usual assumption that a memory can be accessed in constant time becomes theoretically unacceptable asm increases, while an access time of(More)
The layout of two-terminal nets in a VLSI channel is realized in a new diagonal channel-routing model (DCRM), where the tracks are segments respectively displayed at +45 ° and −45 ° on the two layers of the channel. A new definition of channel density is introduced, and a lower bound to the channel width is derived by the application of an algorithm, whose(More)
The Hydra was a monster with many heads, living in a marsh of Lerna. Hercules fought it in a formidable struggle, chopping off its heads with a club. However, as Hercules chopped a head, two new heads grew forth from the monster 's body. According to the official records Hercules won. What the Greek did not reveal is that , no mat ter in which order(More)