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ÐConsider a hypercube of P n points described by n Boolean variables and a subcube of P m points, m n. As is well-known, the Boolean function with value 1 in the points of the subcube can be expressed as the product (AND) of n À m variables. The standard synthesis of arbitrary functions exploits this property. We extend the concept of subcube to the more(More)
We discuss the design of sequential and parallel algorithms working on a time-increasing data set, within two paradigms of computation. In Paradigm 1 the process terminates when all the data currently arrived have been treated, independently of future arrivals. In Paradigm 2 an endless process is divided in stages, and in each stage the computation is(More)
In VLSI technology, redundancy is a commonly adopted technique to provide reconnguration capabilities to regular architectures. This paper proves upper and lower bounds on the number of minimal fault patterns (minimal set of faulty processors) which aaect a link-redundant linear array in an unrepairable way, for both the cases of bidirectional and(More)
• Eine Methodik, die es ermöglicht den PageRank künstlich hochzutreiben • Eine Link Farm ist eine Menge automatisch erzeugter Seiten, die sich gegenseitig verlinken und alle (oder die meisten) einen Link auf die Zielseite P enthalten, deren Ranking beeinflusst werden soll • Es werden Links auf die unterschiedlichen Seiten der Farm durch Spamming in Foren,(More)
In many network applications the computation takes place on the minimum-cost spanning tree (M ST) of the network G; unfortunately , a single link or node failure disconnects the tree. The All Node Replacements (ANR) problem is the problem of precomputing, for each node u in G, the new M ST should u fail. The simpler problem dealing with single edge failures(More)
The Hydra was a monster with many heads, living in a marsh of Lerna. Hercules fought it in a formidable struggle, chopping off its heads with a club. However, as Hercules chopped a head, two new heads grew forth from the monster's body. According to the official records Hercules won. What the Greek did not reveal is that, no matter in which order Hercules(More)
In a winter morning one man shovels the snow from his driveway. When the job is finished he can get out with the car. In the neighbouring driveway p men remove the same amount of snow in one p-th of time. The next morning is snowy. As the single shoveler goes on, new snow falls making his job harder. The neighbouring shovelers work for a shorter time, and a(More)