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BACKGROUND Neuroblastoma is a very heterogeneous pediatric tumor of the sympathetic nervous system showing clinically significant patterns of genetic alterations. Favorable tumors usually have near-triploid karyotypes with few structural rearrangements. Aggressive stage 4 tumors often have near-diploid or near-tetraploid karyotypes and structural(More)
Near-haploid chromosome numbers have been found in less than 1% of cytogenetically reported tumors, but seem to be more common in certain neoplasms including the malignant cartilage-producing tumor chondrosarcoma. By a literature survey of published karyotypes from chondrosarcomas we could confirm that loss of chromosomes resulting in(More)
This paper takes a socio-technical perspective on Swedish biogas production and use, in order to identify characteristics which may improve and increase biogas production. Biogas could potentially reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from Swedish road transport by 25%, and to that end transport policy endorses the use of biogas as vehicle fuel. Currently,(More)
Fusion genes are potent driver mutations in cancer. In this study, we delineate the fusion gene landscape in a consecutive series of 195 paediatric B-cell precursor acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (BCP ALL). Using RNA sequencing, we find in-frame fusion genes in 127 (65%) cases, including 27 novel fusions. We describe a subtype characterized by recurrent(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL) is a genetically heterogeneous disease that arises in a multistep fashion through acquisition of several genetic aberrations, subsequently giving rise to a malignant, clonal expansion of T-lymphoblasts. The aim of the present study was to identify additional as well as cooperative genetic(More)
Global management of wetlands to suppress greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, facilitate carbon (C) sequestration, and reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations while simultaneously promoting agricultural gains is paramount. However, studies that relate variability in CO2 and CH4 emissions at large spatial scales are limited. We investigated three-year emissions of(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the genetic and epigenetic landscape of hypodiploid (<45 chromosomes) acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). METHODS Single nucleotide polymorphism array, whole exome sequencing, RNA sequencing, and methylation array analyses were performed on eleven hypodiploid ALL cases. RESULTS In line with previous studies, mutations in IKZF3 and(More)
  • Linnea Ackerfors, Amanda Hederen, +4 authors Matilda Westerling
  • 2016
Climate Transition in Municipalities: Identifying ways to assess transition processes through indicators 1 2 Preface This bachelor thesis is a part of a scientific project on transition in Swedish municipalities that Erik Glaas and Mattias Hjerpe currently are working on at Linköping University. Matilda Westerling and Thomas Ekelund for participating in our(More)
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