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Most laptops and personal computers have webcams with LED indicators to notify users when they are recording. Because hackers use surreptitiously captured webcam recordings to extort users, we explored the effectiveness of these indicators under varying circumstances and how they could be improved. We observed that, on average, fewer than half of our(More)
Tor has grown beyond its original purpose as and has since become an important Internet circumvention tool. We specifically examine it usability as a censorship circumvention tool, an essential facet for adoption and use. We focus our analysis on the connection configuration dialog of Tor browser, as censorship circumvention requires correct transport(More)
IMPORTANCE Reconstruction of oncologic or traumatic head and neck defects often requires complex planning of locoregional, pedicled, or interpolated flaps. In cases with a higher risk of flap failure, vascular delay with staged reconstruction can help improve tissue perfusion and increase chances of flap survival. An objective tool is needed to help guide(More)
Wearable devices, or " wearables, " bring great benefits but also potential risks that could expose users' activities without their awareness or consent. In this paper, we report findings from the first large-scale survey conducted to investigate user security and privacy concerns regarding wearables. We surveyed 1,782 Internet users in order to identify(More)
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