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BACKGROUND This study investigated the prevalence and socio-cultural correlates of postnatal mood disturbance amongst women 18-45 years old in Central Vietnam. Son preference and traditional confinement practices were explored as well as factors such as poverty, parity, family and intimate partner relationships and infant health. METHODS A cross-sectional(More)
The growing use of computers in all walks of life has inevitably raised the question of the efficiency of e-learning in higher education. Technology has entered university teaching in a variety of ways including content delivery, resources for additional reading, student interaction and learning assessment. It is evident that e-learning offers significantly(More)
BACKGROUND There is limited research to inform effective pedagogies for teaching global health to undergraduate medical students. Theoretically, using a combination of teaching pedagogies typically used in 'international classrooms' may prove to be an effective way of learning global health. This pilot study aimed to explore the experiences of medical(More)
v Acknowledgements I would like to thank Deborah Jacobvitz, my advisor, for guidance and support through the process of writing my dissertation. Her commitment, despite many other pressing obligations, gave me the opportunity to achieve this goal. Additionally, I would like to thank for the application of their theoretical and conceptual expertise on this(More)
BACKGROUND One in three women around the world are or have been subjected to violence. This includes in Australia, where violence against women is an urgent public health and human rights issue. Immigrant and refugee women who have resettled in Australia are known to face barriers accessing services aimed at preventing and responding to family violence.(More)
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