Linda Mulder

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Gastrointestinal (GI) dysfunction has been reported in a substantial number of children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Activation of the mucosal immune response and the presence of abnormal gut microbiota are repeatedly observed in these children. In children with ASD, the presence of GI dysfunction is often associated with increased irritability,(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Although the potential for probiotics is investigated in an increasing variety of diseases, there is little or no consensus regarding the desired probiotic properties for a particular disease in question, nor about the final design of the probiotic. Specific strain selection procedures were undertaken to design a disease-specific(More)
The profound influence that the genetic makeup of the host has on resistance to malaria infection has been established in numerous animal studies. This genetic heterogeneity is one of the main causes of the difficulties in developing an effective malaria vaccine. Segregation analysis is the first step in identifying the nature of genetic factors involved in(More)
BACKGROUND One of the side effects of antimicrobial therapy is a disturbance of the intestinal microbiota potentially resulting in antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD). In this placebo-controlled double-blind study, the effect of a multispecies probiotic on the composition and metabolic activity of the intestinal microbiota and bowel habits was studied in(More)
An entomological study was carried out during 1990 in the town of Edea in the south of Cameroon to study anthropophilic mosquitoes with special reference to malaria transmission. Man-biting mosquitoes were caught regularly during one night each month in two different districts: Bilalang which is a well planned suburb with 160 houses on a hill-top, provided(More)
There are economic and other advantages if the fermentable sugar concentration in industrial brewery fermentations can be increased from that of currently used high-gravity (ca. 14 to 17 degrees P [degrees Plato]) worts into the very-high-gravity (VHG; 18 to 25 degrees P) range. Many industrial strains of brewer's yeast perform poorly in VHG worts,(More)
Biography Dr. Ashwood's research program is directed at characterizing the role the immune system may play in some subjects with autism. There is a highly complex and interconnected interface between the immune and central nervous systems. The nervous and immune systems share some similarities. They are both highly networked systems that communicate by the(More)
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