Linda Molander

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RATIONALE It has often been demonstrated that both tobacco abstinence and nicotine have effects on the EEG power spectrum and components of the event-related potentials. In contrast, few attempts have been made to establish the dose-response relationship between nicotine and EEG parameters. OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to investigate the(More)
An attempt was made to evaluate tranquilizing effects of three neuroleptic drugs (10 and 50 mg melperone, 1 mg haloperidol, and 50 mg chlorpromazine) and diazepam (10 mg) on experimental anxiety in normal subjects. This was done by studying the effects of the drugs on the anticipatory autonomic (skin conductance) response evoked during aversive classical(More)
The thymoleptics imipramine, desipramine, protriptyline, nortriiptyline, chlorimipramine and amitriptyline all potentiate gnawing of mice induced by Dopa following decarboxylase inhibitior Ro 4-4602. The gnawing behavior is probably associated with the increase in brain dopamine resulting from this treatment. Thymoleptics also affect other types of(More)
The pharmacokinetics of melperone and the relationship between plasma concentration and the effect on arousal and prolactin secretion after single oral doses (10, 25, 50 and 100 mg) was studied in normal subjects. Dose-dependent kinetics were indicated by the fact that higher plasma concentrations than expected were demonstrated after the 100-mg dose.(More)
The effects of melperone, thioridazine, levomepromazine, and chlorprotixene on salivary secretion rate, pH, and buffer capacity was studied in eight healthy volunteers given single oral doses of placebo or 10, 25, and 50 mg of the drugs in a single-blind crossover design. Both resting and stimulated saliva samples were collected before and every hour for 6h(More)
Exposure to chemicals emitting from consumer products, such as clothes, electronic devices, toys and kitchenware , has emerged as an issue of public health and environmental concern. The use of chemicals having endocrine disrupting properties in commercial products is receiving particular attention as low dose exposures of such chemicals have been(More)
The relationship between plasma concentration and effect on arousal was studied in normal subjects after single oral and parenteral doses of melperone. A strong correlation between plasma concentration and effect was found when the effector compartment and central compartment were in equilibrium. The relationship was independent of the route of(More)
The thymoleptics potentiate and modify the behavioral effects of apomorphine (probably the most specific dopaminergic agonist) as well as those of Dopa. The effect of the thymoleptics is not abolished by emptying of amine stores, and this together with other evidence suggests that these drugs facilitate the access of apomorphine to the dopamine receptors.(More)
A new phenylpiperidine derivative, FG4963, and several tricyclic antidepressants were compared in various in vitro and in vivo tests for central 5HT- and NA-uptake inhibition. FG4963 was found to be a 5HT-pump blocker with activity similar to that of chlorimipramine. FG4963 inhibited NA-uptake less than the most potent tricyclic thymoleptics. In contrast to(More)
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