Linda Melville

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To examine memory bias for social threat in social phobics, four studies are reported in which social phobic and nonclinical Ss are compared on their retrieval of threat-relevant information. Study 1 measured standard recall and recognition of threat, neutral, and positive words, while Study 2 assessed retrieval of these words through implicit and explicit(More)
Previous research has indicated that adults with various anxiety disorders, especially social phobia, recall their parents as excessively protective and controlling and as low in socialization. However, it is not clear whether such results would be supported by parents. In the present study subjects with social phobia, panic disorder, and nonclinical(More)
Sentinel chicken flocks are used to monitor flaivirus activity in Australia. The main viruses of concern are Murray Valley encephalitis (MVE) and Kunjin. MVE virus causes the disease Murray Valley encephalitis (formerly known as Australian encephalitis), a potentially fatal disease in humans. Encephalitis is less frequent in cases of Kunjin virus infection(More)
Many computational eeects, such as exceptions, state, or nondeterminism, can be conveniently speciied in terms of monads. We investigate a technique for uniformly adding arbitrary such eeects to ML-like languages, without requiring any structural changes to the programs themselves. Instead, we use monadic reeection, a new language construct for explicitly(More)
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