Linda McKasson

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A novel method for applying high-throughput docking to challenging metalloenzyme targets is described. The method utilizes information-based virtual transformation of library carboxylates to hydroxamic acids prior to docking, followed by compound acquisition, one-pot (two steps) chemical synthesis and in vitro screening. In two experiments targeting the(More)
New anthrax lethal factor inhibitors (LFIs) were designed based upon previously identified potent inhibitors 1a and 2. Combining the new core structures with modifications to the C2-side chain yielded analogs with improved efficacy in the rat lethal toxin model.
Four core structures capable of providing sub-nanomolar inhibitors of anthrax lethal factor (LF) were evaluated by comparing the potential for toxicity, physicochemical properties, in vitro ADME profiles, and relative efficacy in a rat lethal toxin (LT) model of LF intoxication. Poor efficacy in the rat LT model exhibited by the phenoxyacetic acid series(More)
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