Linda McDonald

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Seventy-five participants aged from their teens to their seventies were measured on a battery of measures of personality, lifestyle, intelligence, and educational background. These measures were gauged against performance on a measure of animism, in which participants judged twenty-three items (4 alive, 19 non-living) as living or non-living. Although(More)
In this paper we attempt to determine the degree to which older persons employed full-time experience a decline in earnings not related to a decline in productivity. We label such a decline in earnings "discrimination." Using panel data for a cohort of men aged 45 to 54 in 1966, we examined trends in earnings between 1966 and 1976 and the effects of labor(More)
AIMS Cognitive decline disproportionately affects older adult type 2 diabetes. We tested whether randomized intensive (INT) glucose-lowering reduces the rate(s) of cognitive decline in adults with advanced type 2 diabetes (mean: age, 60 years; diabetes duration, 11 years) from the Veterans Affairs Diabetes Trial. METHODS A battery of neuropsychological(More)
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