Linda Macdonald

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Feeding damage by larval coneworms (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on flowers and cones of pines can cause significant economic losses in pine seed orchards in the southern USA (Ebel et al. 1980, USDA Forest Service GTR SE-8, Asheville, NC). The south coastal coneworm, Dioryctria ebeli Mutuura & Monroe, is a common pest in seed orchards of slash pine (Pinus(More)
INTRODUCTION High birth and immigration rates in the US-Mexico border region have led to large population increases in recent decades. Two national, 10 state, and more than 100 local government entities deliver reproductive health services to the region's 14 million residents. Limited standardized information about health risks in this population hampers(More)
This exercise was undertaken to determine whether using a closed video presentation platform as part of a first-year university course could be an aid in teaching public speaking, which could, in turn, support the use of such a system in a blended learning environment. We reviewed grades given by self and peers on video presentations, as well as grades(More)
Thank you for inviting me to speak today. It is quite an honor to be among a distinguished group of colleagues who recognize the importance of balancing progress for humanity with advances in technology. Although I did not have the honor of meeting Walter C. Randall, from what I've learned of the man, he was a thoughtful, considerate man, who promoted(More)
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