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Rat thoracic duct lymphocytes (TDL) are capable of selective adherence to the endothelium of high-endothelial venules (HEV) when overlaid onto glutaraldehyde-fixed sections of lymph nodes. The data presented indicate that lymphocyte adherence is an energy-dependent, calcium-requiring event that involves membrane determinants on TDL which are sensitive to(More)
Purpose of this paper is to point out the interest in case of post-concussional syndroma following an head or whiplash injury to practice both: a posturographic examination objectiving the functioning of the different sensori-motor systems who maintain the body equilibrium giving an approach of the possibility of an organic etiology, psychiatric one giving(More)
9132 Background: Quality end-of-life cancer care involves a shift from aggressive therapy to supportive services.Reasons for variations in intensity of late-life cancer care are incompletely understood.  The goal of this work was to examine intensity of care based on principal healthcare provider in the last month of life, comparing primary care providers(More)
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