Linda L Mandel

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The aim of this study was to investigate spontaneous immunoglobulin production and a pattern of isotype switching by thymic B lymphocytes (TBL) as compared with cells isolated from spleen during early ontogeny using a pig model in which B-cell development is not influenced by maternal regulatory factors. A sensitive ELISPOT assay was therefore employed to(More)
Mucosal surfaces covered by a layer of epithelial cells represent the largest and most critical interface between the organism and its environment. The barrier function of mucosal surfaces is performed by the epithelial layer and immune cells present in the mucosal compartment. As recently found, epithelial cells, apart from their participation in(More)
In the recent years, more attention is paid by radiobiologists to both prevention and therapy of a relatively less studied gastrointestinal postirradiation syndrome (GPS). Moreover, the increase in interest in GPS is motivated with the requirement as to obtain the decrease in action of ionizing radiation on the intestinal mucosa at making radiotherapy of(More)
Long term experience with germ-free animal experiments and technology encouraged us to apply the know-how in the field of the care of human neonates with presumed immunodeficiency. The program was carried out at the Faculty of Pediatrics of Charles University in Prague. The sterile caesarean section was performed within the plastic surgical isolator(More)
A germ-free isolator system was designed and constructed, It permits a sterile caesarean section and rearing of an infant under germ-free conditions. The system includes a plastic surgical and rearing isolator and two supply isolators; one of the supply isolators served as a transport mobile unit for the transfer of the newborn from the operation room to(More)