Linda Klaholz

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We have identified two diverged members of the cpn60 gene family in Leishmania donovani, causative agent of Indian Kala Azar. One of the genes, cpn60.1, although actively transcribed, is not expressed to detectable levels of protein in cultured L. donovani. The other gene, cpn60.2, which, compared with cpn60.1, shows a higher sequence conservation with the(More)
HSP100 protein in Leishmania spp. plays an important role for the survival and integrity of intracellular amastigotes. The A2 proteins of L. donovani are functionally linked to HSP100. There is evidence for an interdependence between these two proteins, which are both expressed predominantly in the amastigote stage of Leishmania donovani. Mutant strains(More)
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