Linda Kaerlev

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We investigated the association between occupational factors and risk of bone sarcoma, a rare tumor with a largely unknown aetiology. A multicentric case-control study was conducted in 7 European countries in 1995-97. Ninety-six cases aged 35-69 years with a centrally reviewed diagnosis of bone sarcoma (68 chondrosarcomas and 28 osteosarcomas) were compared(More)
The incidence of mycosis fungoides (MF) is low, and the aetiology of the disease is unknown. The aim of this study was to investigate whether wine consumption protects against the disease and whether smoking constitutes a risk factor. This paper is part of the European Rare Cancers Study that tries to determine the risk factors for seven selective rare(More)
OBJECTIVE We sought to study the association between occupational sun exposure and mycosis fungoides (MF), a peripheral T-cell lymphoma. SUBJECTS AND METHODS A European multicenter case-control study including seven rare cases (one being MF) was conducted between 1995 and 1997. From the 118 accepted cases, 104 were interviewed, of which 76 were definite(More)
OBJECTIVES Because of the rarity of small bowel adenocarcinoma (SBA), little is known about the aetiology of this disease. This study aimed to identify occupational clustering of cases SBA as a systematic approach to new hypotheses on the aetiology of this disease. METHODS A European multicentre case-control study was conducted in 1995-7, inclusive.(More)
Objective: Little is known about the etiology of small bowel carcinoid tumor (SBC), but a few studies have pointed to certain medical and lifestyle factors as potential risk factors. This study aims to evaluate these findings and to identify new associations. Methods: A population-based European multicenter case–control study was conducted from 1995 through(More)
AIMS Seafarers aboard oil and chemical tankers may be exposed to many chemicals, including substances like benzene that are known to be carcinogenic. Other seafarers are exposed to engine exhaust, different oil products, and chemicals used aboard and some years ago asbestos was also used extensively in ships. The aim of this study was to study cancer(More)
It is unknown whether the relation between job strain and depression reflects causal characteristics of the working environment or reporting bias. The authors investigated reporting bias by analyzing individual versus work-unit measures of job strain and the risk of depressive symptoms (n = 287) and a diagnosis of depression (n = 97) among 4,291 employees(More)
Objective:To discover whether tobacco smoking and intake of different types of alcoholic drinks are associated with small bowel adenocarcinoma (SBA). Methods:A population-based European multi-center case–control study was conducted from 1995 to 1997. Results:After a histological review using uniform diagnostic criteria, 47 (33%) of the 142 identified cases(More)
AIMS Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is a leading occupational disease and some seafarers and fishermen may be at high risk. We present here standardized hospital contact ratios (SHCRs) for hearing loss among Danish seafarers and fishermen. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cohorts of all Danish seafarers registered by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) and(More)
BACKGROUND Sex hormones closely regulate development of the male genital organs during fetal life. The hypothesis that xenobiotics may disrupt endogenous hormonal signalling has received considerable scientific attention, but human evidence is scarce. OBJECTIVES We analyse occurrence of hypospadias and cryptorchidism according to maternal and paternal(More)