Linda K. Cook

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A series of 20 interviews in four organizations explores the ways in which employees take advantage of personal web pages to support their work and to reflect who they are. Both interviewee comments and web page examples suggest the importance of individual personalization of information managcmcnt and dissemination, prcscntation and pcrccption of(More)
Recent work on the social nature of human-computer interactions [3] has prompted research on animated, anthropomorphic characters in user interfaces. Such interfaces may simplify user interactions by allowing them to use and interpret natural face-to-face communication techniques such as speech, gestures and facial expressions. We describe our initial(More)
AJN ▼ May 2011 ▼ Vol. 111, No. 5 D onald Jameson, an African American man in his mid-60s wakes up on a Saturday morning with plans to mow his lawn and wash the car (this scenario is a composite based on our experience). He makes breakfast for his wife and himself. While sitting at the kitchen table he attempts to take a bite of food but is(More)
Heart failure affects 4.8 million people in the United States. Patients depressed after myocardial infarction have increased morbidity and mortality. Only a few studies have investigated the effects of depression in patients with heart failure. The incidence of depression in heart failure ranges from 13% to 77.5%. Men with heart failure are more likely to(More)
As a formal academic discipline, Cognitive Science is difficult to describe and even that much harder to teach. This text, however, appears to have done an admirable job of providing a coherent introduction to a new discipline which draws from a number of older, more traditional academic domains. This introductory text covers, in-depth, the following areas:(More)