Linda Holz

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1. The development of pyramidal neurons of the hippocampus (CA1) of the albino rat was investigated by means of light-microscopy with GOLGI impregnation methods. The stages of age of the animals covered the period from the 15th prenatal to the 30th prematal day. Three and six months old rats were used for comparison. In addition some histological series(More)
Lesions were placed in the rat anterior thalamus (nucleus mediodorsalis and nucleus anteromedialis) known to project to the cingulate cortex (area 24). Transneuronal degeneration signs were found at the apical and basal dendritic tree of lamina V- and lamina III-pyramidal neurons in Golgi-Kopsch preparations. The lesioned animals showed significant(More)
At three month old male rats the dendritic trees of 36 large pyramidal cells in the Vth layer of the anterior cingulate cortex were analyzed quantitatively by means of the Golgi-Kopsch method. 12 pyramidal cells were localized at the medial border of the regio praecentralis (neocortex), 12 cells were localized in the adjacent mesoarchicortex, 12 cells were(More)
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