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In this paper we present an abstract metaphor model situated within a model-based user interface framework. The inclusion of metaphors in graphical user interfaces is a well established, but mostly craft-based strategy to design. A substantial body of notations and tools can be found within the model-based user interface design literature, however an(More)
We describe a three generation family in whom multiple individuals are variably affected due to a PHOX2B non-polyalanine repeat mutation. This family demonstrates extreme phenotypic variability and autosomal dominant transmission over three generations not previously reported in the wider literature. Novel findings also inclue a history of recurrent second(More)
Introduction This paper presents a description of current work which aims to identify the changes in a user’s affective state during their interactive experiences with technology. In the recent stream of research to identify the emotions evoked by technology, most emotion studies have focused on the approach of collecting information on users’ emotional(More)
We examine the influence of metaphors in user interface design and its treatment with respect to the interface specification stage of the software development process. Recent advances in computer hardware places inexpensive and powerful graphical technologies in the hands of interface designers who will no longer be bound within the constraints of the(More)
Designed as part of an innovative prototype interface to be used by contact centre advisors (Millard et al, 1997, 1999; Hole et al, 1998), the ‘moodie’ was created as a reaction to a difficult customer where advisors are experiencing moments of emotional dissonance (Wharton, 1993; Abraham, 1998; Hochschild, 1983; Morris and Feldman, 1996) after completion(More)
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