Linda H. Pesante

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This report presents a perspective on software reuse in the context of "ideal" software development capabilities. Software reuse is viewed as a means of achieving—or at least approximating—the ideal capabilities. A generic application and development model is proposed for unifying various types of software reuse. The model can be initially formulated as a(More)
i Writing can and should be an integral part of computer science and software engineering courses. This paper describes an approach to teaching writing that can be used by instructors of technical courses; it suggests both content and teaching techniques. The paper also discusses how to enlist the aid of technical writers and technical writing
This short paper resolves an apparent contradiction between Feldman’s (1989) and Riedel’s (2000) equilibrium models of the term structure of interest rates under incomplete information. Feldman (1989) showed that in an incomplete information version of Cox, Ingersoll, and Ross (1985), where the stochastic productivity factors are unobservable, equilibrium(More)
Volatility models of the market portfolio’s return are central to financial risk management. Within an equilibrium framework, we introduce an implementation method and study two families of such models. One is deterministic volatility, represented by current popular models. Another is in the “constant elasticity of variance” family, in which we propose new(More)
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