Linda Ferreira

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Due to cancer's genetic complexity, significant advances in the treatment of metastatic disease will require sophisticated, multi-pronged therapeutic approaches. Here we demonstrate the utility of a Drosophila melanogaster cell platform for the production and in vivo delivery of multi-gene biotherapeutic systems. We show that cultured Drosophila S2 cell(More)
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic neurological disease characterized by demyelination associated with infiltrating white blood cells in the central nervous system (CNS). Nitric oxide synthases (NOS) are a family of enzymes that control the production of nitric oxide. It is possible that neuronal NOS could be involved in MS pathophysiology and hence the(More)
Two important role players in plant defence response are the phytohormones salicylic acid (SA) and jasmonic acid (JA); both of which have been well described in model species such as Arabidopsis thaliana. Several pathogenesis related (PR) genes have previously been used as indicators of the onset of SA and JA signaling in Arabidopsis. This information is(More)
Aged hearts exhibit reduced tolerance to ischemia-reperfusion, together with altered structure and post-ischemic remodelling. The molecular bases of such changes are unclear. Using cDNA microarrays and quantitative RT-PCR we characterized shifts in gene expression patterns with aging in normoxic and post-ischemic (20 min global ischemia, 60 min reperfusion)(More)
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