Linda Fabbri

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Predicting the survival of terminally ill cancer patients can help in informing patients and their families, in programming therapy and assistance models, and in utilising existing resources correctly. Clinical prediction of survival (CPS) and Karnofsky performance status (KPS) are two factors which have already been described in the literature. The aim of(More)
Sodium phosphate enemas and laxatives are widely used for the treatment of constipation, even if a number of cases of significant toxicity due to alterations of the fluid and electrolyte equilibria (hypernatremia, hyperphosphatemia, and hypocalcemia) have been reported. We present the case of an 83-year-old man who died of fecal and chemical peritonitis(More)
The Authors report their experiences on the treatment of 13 consecutive cases of gastro-intestinal carcinoid tumors observed over the last 11 years. The primary sites were as follows: intestine (5 cases), appendix (3 cases), colon (1 case) and peritoneum (4 cases); only 3 patients presented systemic signs. Ten patients in advanced phase were treated with a(More)
In response to increased concerns about spice safety, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) initiated research to characterize the prevalence and levels of Salmonella in imported spices. 299 imported dried capsicum shipments and 233 imported sesame seed shipments offered for entry to the United States were sampled. Observed Salmonella(More)
Thirty-six patients with primary Sjögren's syndrome (pSS) and 60 healthy volunteers underwent provocative bronchial testing with aerosolized dosed methacholine. On the average, pulmonary functions tests performed before bronchial testing were normal. However, 18/36 patients (50%) had bronchial hyper-responsiveness (BH), an incidence higher that that found(More)
The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of supplementation of a microencapsulated blend of tributyrin and lactitol (TL) to a standard European (EU) diet without antibiotic growth promoters on intestinal metabolism and mucosa development of weaned piglets and to compare it with a standard US diet containing animal proteins, zinc oxide, copper(More)
8213 Background. Although progestins seem to represent the treatment of choice of primary cancer cachexia, the outcomes of a palliative treatments still remain undefined. In our trial both the relationships between clinical benefit (CB), appetite improve (AI), weigh gain (WG), performance status (PS) and astenia (As), and the predictive role of 7- and(More)
We report the stopping power of molecular hydrogen for antiprotons of kinetic energy above the maximum (approximately 100 keV) with the purpose of comparing with the proton one. Our result is consistent with a positive difference in antiproton-proton stopping powers above approximately 250 keV and with a maximum difference between the stopping powers of(More)
Oral mucositis is a frequent complication of specific antineoplastic treatments. Mouth lesions have a great impact on the quality of life of cancer patients. Current topical and systemic therapies have not yet achieved completely satisfactory results. We studied the effect of topical use of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) 2.25 mg/day on oral mucositis of 15 chemo-(More)