Linda F Weinreb

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OBJECTIVE To compare characteristics of homeless and low-income housed mothers across economic, psychosocial, and physical health domains. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING Community of Worcester, Mass. PARTICIPANTS A cross-sectional sample of 220 sheltered homeless mothers and 216 low-income housed (never homeless) mothers receiving welfare. MAIN(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify risk and protective factors for family homelessness, a case-control study of homeless and low-income, never-homeless families, all female-headed, was conducted. METHODS Homeless mothers (n = 220) were enrolled from family shelters in Worcester, Mass. Low-income housed mothers receiving welfare (n = 216) formed the comparison group.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess primary care provider (PCP) attitudes and self-reported behavior with regard to identifying and managing depression in adult patients before and after a chronic disease/collaborative care intervention. METHOD A self-administered cross-sectional survey was conducted in 6 targeted practices among 39 family practice physicians, family(More)
This study examined the relationship between housing status and depression, anxiety, and problem behaviors among children age 6 and older who were members of low-income, single-parent, female-headed families. Participants were 80 homeless and 148 never homeless children living in Worcester, Massachusetts. Children in both groups had recently been exposed to(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify childhood antecedents for lifetime post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and to determine how this diagnosis relates to health and service use among extremely poor women. METHODS We conducted a secondary data analysis of 425 women in the Worcester Family Research Project, a case-control longitudinal study of 220 sheltered homeless(More)
Infant house mice, Mus musculus, produce ultrasonic calls that reliably lead to retrieval by adult mice. While individual differences in calls have been demonstrated both among and within species, the influences of age and sex on call characteristics have not been systematically investigated in mice. This study examined the influences of age, sex, and(More)
OBJECTIVE Hunger, with its adverse consequences for children, continues to be an important national problem. Previous studies that document the deleterious effects of hunger among children cannot distinguish child from family hunger and do not take into account some critical environmental, maternal, and child variables that may influence child outcomes.(More)
OBJECTIVE Previous studies of homeless children have described more health problems and service use than in housed children, but failed to control for potential confounding factors that may differ between these children. This observational study examines the relationship of homelessness and other determinants to health status and service use patterns in 627(More)
Ultrasonic calls produced by young mice reliably elicit investigation and retrieval by adults. While there are large individual differences in the characteristics of these calls, little work has been done to partition that variation. We completed a 4 x 4 diallel cross and Hayman analyses on several characteristics of these cries. The major result was the(More)
OBJECTIVES We assessed background characteristics, health status, and prevalence rates of mental health disorders in 2 studies of homeless mothers conducted in Worcester, Mass, one in 1993 and the other in 2003. METHODS We compared the women taking part in the 2 studies, which involved similar methodologies, on the key variables of interest over time. (More)