Linda E Pivacek

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BACKGROUND A study was done to assess the quality of RBCs stored at 4 degrees C in AS-1, AS-3, or AS-5 for 42 days before biochemical modification and freezing. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS RBCs were(More)
BACKGROUND The FDA has approved the storage of frozen RBCs at -80 degrees C for 10 years. After deglycerolization, the RBCs can be stored at 4 degrees C for no more than 24 hours, because open(More)
Red cell concentrates with hematocrit values of 80 +/- 5 percent were stored at 4 degrees C either in citrate-phosphate-dextrose for 22 to 28 days or in citrate-phosphate-dextrose-adenine-one for 35(More)