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Introduced species are widely believed to represent a significant threat to conservation of biological diversity. A better understanding of the ecological factors associated with successful species establishment should lead to improved management and mitigation of these introductions. The “propagule pressure hypothesis”, implying a greater chance of(More)
BACKGROUND C-Reactive protein (CRP) can provide prognostic information about risk of future coronary events in apparently healthy subjects. This application requires higher sensitivity assays than have traditionally been available in the clinical laboratory. METHODS Nine high-sensitivity CRP (hs-CRP) methods from Dade Behring, Daiichi, Denka Seiken,(More)
BACKGROUND C-reactive protein (CRP) can provide prognostic information about the risk of developing atherosclerotic complications in apparently healthy patients. This new clinical application requires quantification of CRP concentrations below those traditionally measured in the clinical laboratory. METHODS The Dade Behring BN II, the Abbott IMx, the(More)
The measurement of the unbound or free phenytoin concentration is indicated in several situations, including uremia. In patients with uremia, metabolites of phenytoin and other substances accumulate and can displace phenytoin from its protein binding sites, with a consequent increase in the free fraction of drug. Some of the phenytoin metabolites that(More)
Tesone for excellent technical assistance in the assay procedure. Aging alters calcium regulation of serum concentration of parathyroid hormone in healthy men. Serum biochemical markers of bone turnover in healthy infants and children. Changes in skeletal metabolism in pubertal girls can be revealed by biochemical parameters of calcium metabolism and bone(More)
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