Linda E. Green

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The effect of Salmonella on milk production is not well established in cattle. The objective of this study was to investigate whether introduction of Salmonella into dairy cattle herds was associated with reduced milk yield and determine the duration of any such effect. Longitudinal data from 2005 through 2009 were used, with data from 12 mo before until 18(More)
This report presents a summary of the pilot Petsavers Companion Animal Disease Surveillance study that was initiated by the BSAVA to investigate the feasibility of veterinarians in practice collecting surveillance data from animals presented for treatment or routine procedures. Fifteen practices collected data using a standard questionnaire on up to four(More)
Three hundred and thirty-six B-mode ultrasound examinations of the retroperitoneal region were performed on 179 patients with Hodgkin's disease or non-Hodgkin's lymphoma; histological confirmation was available in 56 patients. Ultrasonography was correct in predicting retroperitoneal periaortic lymph node involvement in 87.5% of cases. Node size was(More)
BACKGROUND Previous cost-effectiveness analyses of tamoxifen therapy account for breast cancer risk reduction during active treatment but not for its persistent protective effect after active treatment. METHODS A detailed, continuous time, mathematical model of breast cancer and healthcare processes was used to simulate a postmenopausal population aged(More)
We present a mathematical model that lends support to the hypothesis that estrogen levels mediate the complex relationship between body mass index (BMI), menopausal status, estrogen-only hormone replacement therapy (HRT), and breast cancer risk. The model predicts a decrease in the relative risk of breast cancer of 3% per unit increase in BMI (kg/m(2)) for(More)
Risk factors for proliferative enteropathy were investigated by means of a postal questionnaire survey of randomly selected British pig farms. Replies were received from 319 (56 per cent) of the 569 questionnaires posted, representing 1.5 per cent of the total number of pig farms in Britain. Thirty-one per cent of the farms had experienced at least one(More)
Genetic testing of seven single-nucleotide polymorphisms (7SNP) can improve estimates of risk of breast cancer relative to the Gail risk test alone, for the purpose of recommending MRI screening for women at high risk. A simulation of breast cancer and health care processes was used to conduct a virtual trial comparing the use of the 7SNP test with the Gail(More)