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Software testing represents one of the most explored fields of application of Search-Based techniques and a range of testing problems have been successfully addressed using Genetic Algorithms. Nevertheless, to date Search-Based Software Testing (SBST) has found limited application in industry. As in other fields of Search-Based Software Engineering, this is(More)
To inform the design of cross-device applications, it is important to know what devices users typically have within reach in various settings in the home, in the workplace and on the move. We report on a survey carried out using an online questionnaire and discuss the most significant findings that should be taken into account in cross-device scenarios. The(More)
Tilt-and-Tap (TAT) is a jQuery-like framework that supports the rapid development of web applications that use tilting gestures for interaction. Such gestures enable users to interact with, and navigate through, websites by simply moving their mobile device in combination with screen taps. Building on this, we have also developed a second framework(More)
Sera from 619 HBsAg+ subjects living in eastern Sicily, consecutively collected from 1975–1985, were tested for markers of delta virus (HDV) infection: delta antigen (HDAg), antibodies to delta (anti-HDIg), and also for antibodies to HBcore of IgM type (anti-HBcIgM) and for the system HBe-anti-HBe. The subjects included 210 asymptomatic carriers, 238(More)
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